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TOP NEWS* Women's Winter Solstice Yoga Retreat in Somerset, December 6th-8th 2013. See Yoga Retreat page for more details.

TOP NEWS** 'Yoga for the Inflexibles' and 'Yoga towards a Stress Free Life' DVD's are out now through distributor IMC Vision

TOP NEWS*** Jamie was featured as one of London's best personal trainers in Time Out:


Regular News

July/ Aug/ September 2013 - Jamie is writing several articles on matriarchal yoga lineage, the missing feminine aspects in western culture and left handedness

April 2013 - Jamie is eligible for Senior Teacher/ E-RYT/ RYT500 status... She just needs to do the paperwork :-/ She is now celebrating 650 hours of professional yoga training and a decade of teaching ;-D

April 2013 - Jamie completed 100 hour training The Art and Science of Generating Personal Transformation with Devarshi Steven Hartman of the Kripalu Centre MT

March 2013 - Jamie completed a 100 hour Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics module at the Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica.

February 2013 - 3 hour yang yin yoga workshop at Pure Gym Oval £10 members/ £16 non-members!!

Upcoming tbc - Article on Moon Salutations - Ultra Fit Mag

July 29th-5th Aug 2012 - Jamie to Sweden for Yin Yoga teacher training Part 2

June 2012 - Article on the 5 Tibetans - Ultra Fit Mag

May 2012 - Jamie in Switzerland for Yin Yoga teacher training Part 1

April 20th onwards 3 new weekly public classes added at Pure Gyms Oval: Tuesdays at Pure Gyms Oval 8-9pm £4 for members, £10 non members, Friday mornings at Pure Gyms Oval 9.30-10.30am £4 members, £10 non members. Note: Non members who come to yoga class can also use the gym facilities for the following 24 hours at no extra charge.

March 2012 -  3 page interview with Jamie in Ultra Fit Magazine. 

March 2012 - Jamie away the whole month at Nosara Yoga Institute Costa Rica for 100 hour teacher training module: The Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator. And yoga research in LA, San Fran, Berkeley, NY.

Dec 2011 - Launch of 'Reset Days' yoga guide program over the Winter Solstice and New Year: Creating your own reality by steering the course of your life adventure.

14th Sept 2011 - 3 hour yoga workshop in Scunthorpe, North Lincs.

June 2011 - Main feature on Jamie in Yoga and Health magazine.

June 2011 - Jamie is initiated into Kriya Yoga with Shibendu Lahiri of the Lahiri Mahasaya lineage (featured in Autobiography of a Yogi)

3rd June 2011 - 3 hour yoga workshop in Scunthorpe, North Lincs.

May 2011 - Jamie visits mystery school in Egypt for study of Ancient Egyptian yoga

May 2011 - Good review of 'Yoga for the Inflexibles' DVD in Yoga magazine.

April 2011 - Zest magazine recommend Jamie's 'Yoga for the Inflexibles' DVD.

March 2011 - 'Yoga for the Inflexibles' is given 5 out of 5 stars in Womens Fitness magazine.

March 2011 - Article on Jamie in Om Yoga and Lifestyle magazine.

March 2011 - 'Refer a friend and get a complimentary lesson' scheme launched. Please see Rates page for details. 

March 2011 - Yoga for the Inflexibles is featured in Positive Health magazine:


7th March 2011 - Interview with Jamie in Scunthorpe Telegraph.

New DVD 'Yoga towards a Stress Free Life' released 14th March 2011. See Amazon:


New DVD 'Yoga for the Inflexibles' released 20th December. See Amazon: 


As the Eastern saying goes 'Health is the true wealth'.