Jamie's Class Menu

  1. Yoga for the Inflexibles (Yoga for Robots)

Yoga for stiff people who don't think they are flexible enough to do yoga.

  1. Yoga for Stress Release

Yoga Elder David Sye suggests there is a silent war in the Western world. And this war is stress. This class focuses on techniques to release stress and forget your worries so you can get a good night's sleep.

  1. Vino and Vinyasa

Flowing yoga 'vinyasa' in sanskrit and 'vino' spanish for wine makes a fantastic combination. First the usually fast paced (think ashtanga style) 'breath before posture' class and wine and conversation afterwards...good for the weekend.

  1. Indie Yoga

Yoga for music lovers. Folk, rock, hip-hop, pop, electronica, country, punk, world, reggae and even dubstep all appear in Jamie's playlists. Happy to take requests if there is something that really does it for you. PS No effing panpipes.

  1. Yin Yoga

The yoga of the connective tissues, ligaments and bones. Long holds in gentle postures to facilitate the release of long held trauma.. or just to feel very very relaxed.

  1. Yoga Soup

A mixture of yoga styles is blended for those of us with ADHD who get bored with just one style. Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar, Raja, Sivinanda, SAY, Yin, Yinyang styles and dare I say it Bikram could all be touched upon. The only style we can't share is Kriya yoga because I swore an oath of secrecy... sshhh.

  1. Yang Yin yoga

Yang (masculine) Yin (feminine) yoga: a flowing sequence of yoga postures like the sun salute combined with breath that is designed more with the female body in mind. Also known as Dragon sequence. Some men actually really dig it too.

  1. Postnatal yoga

Yoga for when you have just had a baby. Some of these techniques can be started from Week 1 after birth (although it is not recommended you attend a public class in the first few weeks). In yoga the first 3 months post partum are known as the 4th trimester. Careful consideration of the body, the psyche and how to handle your baby here can have great benefit in the long run.

  1. East meets West Yoga

The law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Grand unified field theory, The power of Intention, biology of belief, ... have you wondered what any of these mean and how a little bit of understanding could benefit your day to day life? In this class we look at what yogis have been saying for thousands of years that cutting edge science is only just getting to grips with. All in 'lay'terminology with a practical application.

  1. Yoga Sleep

Known as Yoga Nidra this powerful relaxation technique is a form of self hypnosis. It is thought that a 1 hour yoga nidra gives you similar benefits to 4 hours of regular sleep.

  1. Yogic Yantras

Yogic art. Making 'mandalas'; pictures for meditation upon.

Please feel free to combine dishes or order off the menu. The chef is relatively flexible.